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Q1 On what basis is it right for humans to own other sentient, living beings?

Q2 There are numerous laws that protect our pets from being mistreated. Why is it legal to treat animals raised for food with such cruelty and what changes should be made?

Q3 How does Australia compare to other first world countries as an ethical nation?

Q4 Change needs to come from industry, consumers and government. What will galvanise these groups and what do you see as the tipping point?

Q5 What did you see or learn that had the biggest impact on you personally and how do you channel your desire to take action?


Current Topic:

How much is cheap meat really costing us?

by The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG Former High Court Judge, Patron of

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Antoine F. Goetschel

Animal lawyer

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Dr Ken Henry AC


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Laura Dalrymple

Director, Feather and Bone

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The Hon. Luke Foley MLC

Leader of the Opposition, New South Wales Legislative Council

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Dr Deidre Wicks

Author and academic

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How much is cheap meat really costing us?

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